What is personal cloud storage ? how to find best personal cloud storage

Personal Cloud Storage

Personal Cloud Storage information

Today we are always looking for some tools and media for storing data. First of all we were using devices like floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, plush drives, pen drives as well as external hard drives etc. to store data.

But it didn’t get as much space as we needed. For this we started using a new technology called cloud storage.

Personal Cloud Storage
Personal Cloud Storage

In which we can maintain and manage our data. We can also bank it.

Today, cloud storage technology has made it much easier for you to store your important files, documents online.

In today’s article we will learn more about this cloud storage


What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is a digital online storage service that allows you to store your important and confidential data on a server.

The advantage of this is that you can collect that data from the server whenever you need it.

This means that you can put a bank up of your data in it. And you can access that data from anywhere in the world whenever you want.

What are the types of Cloud Storage?

There are a total of four major types of cloud storage and they are as follows:

1) Personal Cloud Storage:

2) Public Cloud Storage:

3) Private Cloud Storage:

4) Hybrid Cloud Storage:

1) Personal Cloud Storage:

Personal cloud storage is also called mobile cloud storage because mobile contains personal confidential data just like your personal data is stored which you do not share with anyone.

It also gives you the facility to sync your data with your mobile.

Here are some examples of Personal Cloud Storage: Personal Cloud Storage information

  • Drop Box
  • p Cloud
  • Google Drive
  • Mega Box
  • Sync
  • Yandex Disk
  • Jump-share
  • I Cloud
  • I Drive
  • Microsoft One Drive
  • Amazon Drive

Why create your own personal cloud storage?

You have a lot of important documents related to your financial transactions today. And you can’t carry these important documents with you every time because you always have the fear that these important documents will be lost somewhere. But these documents always cost you.

That’s why we store these important documents in our mobiles as well as our laptops for emergencies.

But if your mobile laptop accidentally falls into the water or falls out of your hand and explodes, it is a hardware device and the data in it is likely to be lost. In that case, you may lose your personal important data forever

For this you need to create one of your personal cloud stores for bank up. You can get your data from wherever you want. You can then import the same data in your personal computer.

So you have to create your own personal cloud stores.

Public Cloud Storage:

Public cloud storage is managed by a service provider of public cloud storage.

This cloud storage stores the data of people who are big industrialists, big enterprises, companies. This means that the data of ordinary people is not stored here.

Private Cloud Storage:

In this cloud storage, both the enterprise as well as the service provider providing cloud storage services are integrating with each other.

And these service providers are integrating with each other through enterprise data centers.

By using private cloud storage you can also eliminate any security related issues, problem barriers.

Hybrid Cloud Storage:

Hybrid Cloud Storage is a combination of both Private Cloud Storage and Public Cloud Storage in which you see your data, some important data is in the private cloud of the enterprise.

On the other hand, we also see that with the help of public cloud storage we can not only store our other data but also access it.

What are the benefits of Cloud Storage?

There are several benefits to cloud storage.

Many cloud services today also offer you a desk tap service that you can use to drag and drop any file.
You can send mail to multiple people at once via a single web link, but you don’t see the need to send personal mail to everyone.
You can access the data stored on your server online from anywhere in the world.
Using Cloud Storage, you can keep your data backed up for emergencies, so that if it is accidentally deleted from you, you can retrieve it from the server through Cloud Storage.
What are the disadvantages of cloud storage?

Just as you get to see the benefits of cloud storage, you also get to experience some of its disadvantages.

The disadvantages of cloud storage are as follows:

Cloud storage lets you tap the desk

When storing your data in Cloud Storage Service you need to look for the following:

1) Data Avability:

2) Data Security:

1) Data Avability:

When storing your data in cloud stores, you need to see if you can get your data when you want it after storing data here. That means you need to know the availability of data first.

Data Security: Is your data secure? Is it properly encrypted?

You should also check this. Make sure your data is safe.

For this we can check who can access your data as well as information by going to Data Authentication.

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