Best 10 Enterprise Cloud Storage Options

This list of 10 cloud storage providers will give you a sense of some of the key players and their options for cloud-based storage. The list is in no particular order.

CommVault Simpana

CommVault’s Simpana is a versatile, bound together stage that you can oversee from a solitary control center. Its Simpana arrangement conveys reinforcement, recuperation, documenting, replication, capacity asset the executives and search abilities. While CommVault doesn’t offer an immediate cloud-based reinforcement arrangement, Simpana can interface with cloud-based capacity to offload lifeless information, files, and other seldom utilized information.

Cloud recorded is additionally more proficient with Simpana due to its inherent deduplication benefits so you’re not utilizing important transmission capacity putting away copied documents.


Nirvanix offers public distributed storage, confidential distributed storage and mixture distributed storage to accommodate your singular business needs. The public distributed storage item, Nirvanix CloudComplete, gives the security, overt repetitiveness and dependability expected to guarantee most extreme insurance for your information. Nirvanix achieves this by utilizing differently found server farms.

Nirvanix’s public cloud offering connects to your current reinforcement programming and procedure and promotes the accompanying upper hands: utilization based estimating, versatile adaptability, staggered security, limitless record moves, no CAPEX costs and no upkeep or invigorate charges.


Zetta has provoked an on-interest, Capacity as-a-Administration proposing to give offsite reinforcement capacity to ventures. Zetta’s model depicts the ordinary situation for business reinforcement: sync and replication to online file to advancement to essential information source. This stepwise method is the way the regular business moves to distributed storage.

To start with, the business involves the Cloud as an optional information hotspot for excess security against disappointment or DR. Second, the business moves from a DR source to a live internet based reinforcement (supplanting nearby reinforcements). At long last, when solace levels increment to a place where the business can work on cloud-based capacity, the business moves it tasks completely to the cloud. Utilizing Zetta’s administration, organizations can elevate a web-based chronicle to live, essential source whenever.

Mezeo Cloud

Mezeo’s administrations incorporate chronicle, reinforcement and server-joined distributed storage. This server-joined capacity choice is intended to trade or expand current capacity for existing document servers. Mezeo’s distributed storage choices include:

Document server substitution – All records on cloud-based capacity.
Cloud-joined record server – Add layered capacity to existing document servers, moving a few documents to the cloud.
On-premise cloud gadget or passage – document movement utilizing CIFS, NFS, or iSCSI.

Egnyte Enterprise Local Cloud

Egnyte’s cloud-based capacity is like Dropbox yet for big business estimated document volumes. You have the best of both document access world’s: a nearby duplicate and a cloud-based synchronized duplicate. With Egnyte, you have a neighborhood duplicate of your records so that entrance is all quick and accessible even disconnected should your Web association go down or on the other hand in the event that you like to restrict synchronization to a low-utilization time span. Assuming you’ve utilized Dropbox, you’ll comprehend Egnyte’s Venture Neighborhood Cloud administration.

The Endeavor Nearby Cloud administration is empowered on your organization as a VMware virtual machine.

ADrive Enterprise Cloud Storage

ADrive’s answers give you hot reinforcements transferred over VPN associations. Your information sends to and from their site through your decision of encryption conventions with on-request versatility and discretionary reflecting to geologically assorted areas for more noteworthy security.

Their answer features are: Secure VPN information move, excess network choices, information reflecting, and numerous availability conventions: CIFS, NFS, iSCSI, FC, HTTP, FTP, and WebDAV.


StorSimple needs to make your change to cloud-based capacity straightforward and overwhelming by offering numerous recuperation focuses, versatile capacity pools, robotized application-level reinforcement and recuperation, a solitary administration interface for all your stockpiling levels, and record level recuperation.

StorSimple additionally offers pre-arranged, upgraded volumes for CIFS, VMware libraries, SharePoint content, Trade, information bases and log records.

RISC Cloud

The RISC Cloud Reinforcement Administrations are a piece not quite the same as your standard cloud-based capacity administration. What makes it different is that you might reinforcement computers, workstations, servers and complex organized conditions with RISC at any point Cloud.

Amazon S3

A conversation of cloud-based capacity can’t be finished without a section, including Amazon’s S3 administration. Amazon’s Straightforward Stockpiling Administration (S3) is a versatile, dependable, low-dormancy, and minimal expense information capacity answer for people and ventures and in the middle between. Amazon gives its clients a straightforward online administration control center and APIs that empower engineers to join from an assortment of uses and administrations.

Amazon is most popular for its minimal expense and its various server farm areas. You can utilize S3 to run your sites, work your own online business, store dynamic information, or use as DR stockpiling for your whole business.

Symantec’s entrance into cloud-based capacity is Reinforcement On the off chance that you require security for your information, you may not find a safer arrangement from individuals who secure people and organizations on an overall scale. You can reinforcement your laptops and your servers to Symantec’s cloud-based capacity. You likewise get self-administration information recuperation with your record, and that implies clients can reestablish their own information without director mediation.